How to Work from Home

Now that COVID-19 has hit, many companies like Amazon and Netflix has told their employees to work from home. To many, including me, it’s exciting that workplaces are finally starting to think more about remote work. Employees have been clamouring for remote work for years. But working from home has its own challenges and having … Read more

How to Focus On Work

Have you ever tried focussing on your work, whether it be studying for an exam or writing a business proposal, but find yourself checking your phone every five minutes? Before you know it, half an hour has passed, and you’re still browsing your Instagram feed checking out cute cats and the latest memes.   Is … Read more

How do you break bad habits?

Have you ever had a bad habit you wished to break? This could be anything like constantly eating junk food or waking up late. For me, it was spending hours on end watching Youtube and browsing reddit on the couch after dinner. Why is it so hard to break these bad habits? Today, I will … Read more